your  Ceremony

How do YOU want  your ceremony to look, feel and be remembered?

A lot of couples don't really know what they want when we first chat...

And that is where I can certainly help!

With my years of experience marrying fabulous lovers from all over the globe, I will guide you along every step of the way as we create a personalised ceremony truly representing who you are as individuals and as a couple!

Whether you are wanting your ceremony to be traditional or modern; indoors or outdoors;

 simple, elaborate, casual, elegant, whatever is right for you...


Together we will craft YOUR perfect ceremony!




My fee to join you as a Registered Civil Marriage Celebrant is $990 for a beautiful and unique wedding designed for you.

What does my fee include?


  • A meeting with me to plan and discuss your ceremony in person. This can take place at my home or yours, or at a cafe etc...If you're not local we can also meet via Skype.

  • Unlimited email/phone communication to create your ceremony.

  • Your own personalised ceremony.

  • One wedding rehearsal.

  • My services on your special day as Civil Marriage Celebrant.

  • A marriage certificate for you to take home on the day!

  • Completion and lodgement all of the required documents relating to your marriage.

  • Portable P.A (if required).

After something super simple?  

Incredibly intimate? 

Have no fear - I've got you covered too! Head over to my

'other ceremonies' page for more options!